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Reviewed by Carola Crawford
Opening sentence
This is the way we walk along, walk along, walk along, This is the way we walk along on a sunny, funny morning.
This book is a celebration of movement and all the wonderful ways there are for children to travel. We only find out at the end that they are all headed to a birthday party in the park. It starts with a child walking, but the very next option is a wheelchair, before going on to a huge variety of modes, including such extremes as flying foxes and boats. Particularly interesting is that all the types of transport included are either self-propelled or public transport. Cars are not included, so there would be an opportunity to discuss this and environmental issues.

The illustrations are colourful and exuberant and could easily be seen by a large group of children for a shared reading. The repeated refrains and poetic language, particularly onomatopoeia and rhyme will appeal to preschoolers and those learning to read.
Author & Illustrator: Sally Sutton, Brian Lovelock
Publisher: Walker Books
ISBN: 9781760653392
Format: Hardback
Publication: 2024
Ages: Pre-school
Themes: Movement, transport