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Reviewed by Angela Thompson, Library Lead Teacher, Remarkables Primary School
Opening sentence
Hi, I'm Jack Tait. I'd like to tell you about an adventure I had with my mate Eddie.
I thoroughly enjoyed Jack and Sandy; this is a lovely family history retelling with lots of facts and dates in there too. At times, I was a little overwhelmed by the recollection of facts and dates and the story was somewhat lost.

The title page refers to Jack and Sandy as a 'graphic novel by Bob Kerr'. This is slightly misleading as much of the book is written in novel form, which graphics on occasions. If a student was looking for a graphic novel they may be put off by this fact as the language, plot, and many dates and snippets of factual information may overwhelm those who steer towards graphic novels.

Mr Kerr has both written and illustrated this title and the illustrations are beautiful; they certainly enhance the story.

I would recommend this book to intermediate and high school students, and definitely not for the graphic novel section of the library. But on the whole a great read.
Author & Illustrator: Bob Kerr
Publisher: Bateman
ISBN: 9781776890637
Format: Paperback
Publication: June 2023
Ages: Intermediate +
Themes: Family, friendships, war, history, NZ history