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Reviewed by Claire Cheeseman, Teacher, Laingholm Primary School, Auckland
Opening sentence
Birds may call for a variety of reasons.
The book contains 60 of New Zealand’s most iconic birds, with names given in English and in Māori. Each bird page has a stunning image of the bird as well as a short but informative description of its habitat, behaviour, distinguishing features and distribution. Each page also has information on its feeding and nesting habits. The book is light and small enough to fit in a backpack, pocket or handbag.

The most exciting bit about this book that sets it apart from other bird books is each bird is accompanied by a QR code which, when scanned, allows the user to hear approx 30 secs to a minute of the bird’s call. These call recordings are crystal clear and fabulous for any budding bird watcher or just as a passing interest.

There is a useful alphabetical list of birds in the back to direct you to the appropriate page, which also includes their scientific name.

The book includes a map of New Zealand – I would have liked to see some indication on the map where these birds can be found, for example, Ōamaru for the blue penguin colony.

I would note that most QR code sounds start with a voice that states track and a number – slightly unnecessary, but the small bit of information on the sounds you hear is useful. I would also love to see the Royal Albatross included. However, overall this is a fabulous book – and one I shall be using a lot!
Author & Illustrator: Lynnette Moon, Geoff Moon, John Kendrick, Karen Baird
Publisher: Upstart Press
ISBN: 9781776940264
Format: Paperback
Publication: Sep 2023
Ages: 7+
Themes: Nature, wildlife, Aotearoa