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Reviewed by Angela Thompson
Opening sentence
There was surely a point when life couldn’t get much stranger, but Nine wasn’t completely convinced she’d reached it yet.
‘The Bookshop at the Back of Beyond’ is the third in the popular ‘House at the Edge of Magic’ series by Amy Sparkes. This can be read as a stand alone, but the first two books are just as entertaining, and it is also a good idea to understand the main character’s back story.

This is a fun and imaginative fantasy adventure, with very relatable and likeable characters. The settings are equally as interesting and entertaining. The Secret Shop of Secrets is very difficult to find and Beyond is like a marketplace where you had to buy something from each seller if you wanted to leave. The magical bookstore is seldom open, but when it is, it tells characters which book to take, which will always be the one they need.

With such imaginative writing building these characters and settings, this is both an exciting, and at times humorous, read. Without giving away any spoilers, especially to those who have not read the previous two novels, this is a fast-paced adventure full of mystery and secrets and lots of ‘... well I did not expect that …’ thrown in for good measure. This is my favourite book of the series so far!
Author & Illustrator: Illustrator: Ben Mantle
Publisher: Walker Books
ISBN: 978-1-5295-0566-5
Format: Paperback
Publication: January 2023
Ages: 7–12
Themes: Fantasy, magic, supernatural, adventure, friendship, books about books.