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Reviewed by Anabel McPhee, Librarian, The Catlins Area School, South Otago.
Opening sentence
Magnolia Moon is a girl of great daring.
In this book Magnolia Moon, a bright, happy 10-year-old girl, tries to find courage to navigate different day-to-day situations like going to the dentist, telling the truth or admitting she is wrong. She doesn’t always find it easy, but once she summons up the courage, her life becomes easier.

This is the third book in the Magnolia Moon series, the other ones being, The Magic of Magnolia Moon and The Secrets of Magnolia Moon.

Magnolia is a very likeable, original character with a positive outlook on life. She is true to herself even though she is sometimes ridiculed by her peers when she doesn’t conform. The adults in her life are very supportive, especially when she finds the courage to do or say the right thing.

Although the author uses Magnolia to demonstrate to readers how a little courage is empowering and satisfying, it is not overly didactic. Magnolia is an endearing character who shares the same worries as her readers.

This is an attractive hardback book with a lively, colourful front cover and with mostly single page black and white illustrations throughout. The chapters are short and follow the thread of a short period in Magnolia’s life.

This would be a great read-aloud book for parents and teachers of younger children, and would be suitable for independent readers approximately 8 years and over.
Author & Illustrator: Illustrator: Katherine Quinn
Publisher: Walker Books
ISBN: 978 1 760654 65 8
Format: Hardback
Publication: November 2022
Ages: 8+
Themes: Courage, friendship