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Reviewed by Louana McCormack
Opening sentence
Easter is here!
Excitement is high, Easter is here! But Cat and Dog find a major element is missing: where are the eggs and the Easter Bunny? Cat sets off to find the Easter Bunny, looking for one physical element at a time: long ears, twitchy nose etc. As you can imagine, hilarity ensues as Cat returns with creatures that are not, ahem, the Easter Bunny!

Sarah Jennings' illustrations are delightful, brightly coloured but with a soft feel, and full of the unexpected - for example, a DJ Hen! There are little details that I noticed on subsequent readings and I imagine younger readers will also find lots to notice.

I really enjoyed guessing which animal Cat was going to come back with each physical descriptor and I can envision the fun that could be had with using this as a read aloud, stopping and predicting which animal would turn up next.

'The Easter Bunny Hunt' is a fun and engaging story that has appeal and interest long after Easter is over!
Author & Illustrator: Stacy Gregg, Sarah Jennings
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 978-0-00-851729-8
Format: Paperback
Publication: 2024
Ages: Preschool and up
Themes: Miscommunication