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Reviewed by Molly Molving-Lilo, Librarian, Kaipara Libraries Dargaville
Opening sentence
The same evening Josh Underhill went missing, the black horse appeared on the hill above the house.
'The Grimmelings' whisks the reader into a mysterious and spellbinding world of Scottish lore, family and language. When Josh Underhill goes missing, 13-year-old Ella can't help but feel it was her fault; after all, she did curse him earlier that day. As the town comes together to look for him, a series of curious happenings unfold that add to the intrigue and mystery of the story - a strange new boy arrives in town, an ethereal black stallion appears, and Ella's grandma, Grizzly, appears more peculiar by the day.

Unexpected twists and turns keep the reader engaged and eager to unravel the mystery. At around 250 pages, it's a book that young readers will undoubtedly fly through. It would be an excellent choice for class storytimes to allow students to reflect on each chapter together. Multiple points of view allow readers to experience different perspectives and understand certain characters. Each chapter begins with a new word from Grizzly, providing a unique vocabulary-building opportunity for the reader.

The cover is exquisite! It captures attention with its foreboding and wondrous colours, hinting at the mysteries that lie within. This compelling, thought-provoking read will leave a lasting impression and is a must-read for those seeking a story with emotional impact.
ISBN: 9781991006646
Format: Paperback
Publication: Feb 2024
Ages: 9+
Themes: Family, grief, neurodiversity, language, fantasy