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Reviewed by Karen Seth, Teacher, Upper Harbour Primary School, Auckland
Opening sentence
In one of the greatest achievements of world history, Polynesians expanded their ocean territory by an area almost as large as Africa, and all this in just 250 years or so. / Meanwhile, on the other side of the world…
What a perfect book for a classroom or for a young person who loves to learn about people or places! This large scale picture book needs to be spread across a table top or floor to be poured over so the reader can eagerly read the short seeds of factual information on each of the attractive and interesting pictorial pages.
Each double-page spread covers a span of time, alternating between life of the Pacific voyagers and explorers of other parts of the world so the reader can compare navigation, technological development and sailing across the globe.

Andrew Crowe brings the readers along with the voyagers, from the shores of the South China Sea, 5000 years ago, across the first initial small hops to the nearest islands, until the later explorers discover and finally settle in Aotearoa. He shows the technological advances they required as well as the understanding of the world around them that lead to the discovery of tiny islands in a huge uncharted ocean - a remarkable feat. Alternate pages unveil what was happening during the same era for the Egyptians, the Phoenicians, the Chinese, the Vikings or other powerhouses around the world.

Rick Fisher adds interest and information through his drawings and diagrams that are both beautiful and informative. The colour palette highlights the differences between the cultures. One drawing might show people living their lives, while another showing a technological development and another some natural feature which was monumental to the explorers at this point in time.
Author & Illustrator: Andrew Crowe, Illustrator: Rick Fisher
Publisher: David Bateman Ltd
ISBN: 9781776890385
Format: Hardback
Publication: Jul 2023
Ages: 8-14 years
Themes: Voyagers, Aotearoa New Zealand history, geography, Māoritanga, discovery, voyages. comparisons