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Reviewed by Ange Birks, Classroom Teacher, Ohinewai School, North Waikato
Opening sentence
Welcome to our night sky.
Throughout time, people of all ages have been fascinated with the night sky and those who are viewing it from Aotearoa New Zealand are amongst the luckiest in the world. Not only does our night sky contain more objects than the Northern Hemisphere, we also have less light pollution than other parts of the world, allowing spectacular views of constellations, planets and galaxies above us.

'The New Zealand Night Sky' is not only a guide to what to look for and where to find it, but the author has included useful information about what you will need, when to view and any special considerations you might need.

Sections in the book deal with different parts of our solar system, famous New Zealand astronomers and so much more. An excellent reference book, there are clear diagrams with simple labels and explanations to describe part astrological features and phenomena. There is a section dealing with Maaori interpretations of star groups including Matariki and Te Waka o Tamarerreti.

Also included in the book are star maps of the winter and summer skies and a list of upcoming astronomical events from 2023 until June 2029, and information about some of our best known observatories.
Author & Illustrator: Alistair Hughes
Publisher: White Cloud Books (Upstart Press)
ISBN: 9781776940110
Format: Paperback
Publication: Jul 2023
Ages: 8+
Themes: Astronomy, Aotearoa New Zealand