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Reviewed by Angela Thompson, Literacy & Library Lead teacher, Remarkables Primary School, Central Otago
Opening sentence
The sea around us forms an important part of our national identity.
The New Zealand Seashore Guide gives us a comprehensive look at New Zealand shorelines. There is lots of detail on the different areas of shoreline as well as the creatures that can be found there. Each page gives each species name in both English and Te Reo Māori, as well as a clear description of the species, habitat and lifestyle. Each page has detailed, colour photographs to accompany the information.

In my opinion, this is a reference book for older students (high school) and adults. The language would prove challenging for primary students, and if aimed at a younger audience it would be valuable to have labelled diagrams and more age appropriate language. I was disappointed to see that this book does not have a glossary of terms to support the reader. That said, this is a beautifully published and comprehensive guide to our shorelines, that contains valuable information for those who wish to learn more about this area and would be a great addition to reference books for high schools and universities.
Publisher: Potton & Burton
ISBN: 9781988550428
Format: Hardback
Publication: December 2022
Ages: Young Adult / Adult (12+)
Themes: Non-fiction, New Zealand, Marine Life, Shorelines