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Reviewed by Angela Thompson, Teacher Librarian, Remarkables Primary School, Queenstown.
Opening sentence
Boring situations improved with observology: school, an adult bumps into someone they know, there's a power cut, it's lunchtime and your best friend is off school that day, indecision at the plant shop, waiting for your turn.
The press brief from Gecko Press describes 'The Observologist' as a 'handbook for mounting very small scientific expeditions' and it certainly does that. There is so much detail in this book's illustrations, marrying perfectly with detailed text that this book could be read a hundred times and you would still be finding new information.

I cannot imagine how much work went into the creation of this title, but it is truly stunning both in the amount of detail and the quality of both the illustrations and text. Tamariki and also adults with a scientific mind, and also an artist mind will devour this book and all the information it contains.

The Observologist is an absolute must for all budding Scientists and non-fiction sections of our libraries. This book is simply beautiful.
Publisher: Gecko Press
ISBN: 9781776575190
Format: Hardback
Publication: Aug 2023
Ages: 7+
Themes: Science, Plants, Insects, Environment and Art