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Reviewed by Kate Gwerder, Teacher, Mangorei Primary School
Opening sentence
Princess Magnolia and Frimplepants set out when the sun was still low and shy.
Everyone (including Princess Magnolia) is getting ready, and excited, for the Flower Festival Ball. But the preparations are interrupted by a grumpy emu who comes into the fair and causes havoc - kids go running, a garage is kicked over and finally the emu steps on the special glass decoration for the ball!

With the help of the Prince in Pink, Magnolia is able to get decorations ready for the ball. The ball is underway and everyone enjoying themselves, when suddenly the emu, and friends, arrive back! This time Princess Magnolia knows that The Princess in Black might need to help out, and gets changed ready into her costume ready for action.

With the help of her other hero friends, and the Prince in Pink and the Princess in Black confront the emus. As they do they realise that the emus are dancing! The music begins to play and everyone begins to dance; everyone is finally having a great night…but where has the Prince in Pink disappeared to?

A fun story that children will enjoy seeing on the library of class library shelf for independent reading times.
Author & Illustrator: Author: Sharon Hale Illustrator: LeUyen Pham
Publisher: Candlewick Press
ISBN: 978-1-5362-0978-5
Format: Hardback
Publication: April 2023
Ages: 6-8
Themes: Friendship, teamwork