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Reviewed by Kate Gwerder, Teacher, Mangorei Schooll, Taranaki
Opening sentence
We have put together The Wilson Sisters' Horse and Pony Guide in the hope that it will promote better horse welfare and give you, the reader, an insight into what it takes to own and care for horses, as well as the skills to further your horsemanship, riding and competition ambitions.
The Wilson Sister are two of New Zealand's top equestrians, and this book is filled with knowledge and tips for keen riders of all ages.

This guide is divided into 5 sections that are clearly marked and the contents page details what the reader can learn about in each section.

There are clear and beautiful photos throughout the book, and detailed, labelled illustrations. It would be a great reference book in a school library, for horse lovers to enjoy looking through.
Publisher: Penguin Group (NZ)
ISBN: 9780143776161
Format: Paperback
Publication: June 2023
Ages: 12+ years
Themes: Animal care