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Reviewed by Nova Gibson, Librarian, Massey Primary School, Auckland
Opening sentence
As you turn the pages you will meet artists from the past and the present.
This attention-grabbing, large-format book is a visual delight. The introduction explains how the book will inspire budding artists by actually showing how art can be made.

Readers learn about famous artists spanning centuries and continents. A variety of media and and tools are demonstrated.

Each double-page spread features a well-known artist, such as Andy Warhol and Claude Monet, explaining a little about their life and what they created. Readers are shown how they can create similar work, using mostly common household items. A step-by-step set of instructions is given for readers to follow.

Performance by Hugo Ball, and string sculpture by Judith Scott add variety to the media and methods demonstrated.

Surrey’s illustrations are colourful and prolific. The how-to instructions are illustrated clearly, helping to add meaning.

There is a helpful glossary at the back of the book, explaining ‘artist’ words that may be unfamiliar to some readers.

This book would make a wonderful addition to a school library’s collection, particularly where there are budding artists.
Author & Illustrator: Ellen Surrey
Publisher: Nosy Crow Ltd
ISBN: 9781839944758
Format: Hardback
Publication: 2024
Ages: 8-14
Themes: Imagination, creativity, patient practice