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Reviewed by Chris Reed, Macleans College
Opening sentence
An essential guide to understanding Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder.
It seems that, increasingly, we are seeing more and more young people that are affected by learning difficulties. As teachers, parents and educators, it is vital that we have a handle on what these difficulties mean for our students, and for our classes, and how we can best be the educator or parent that these young people deserve and so desperately need.

This new, interactive view of ADHD from Chanelle Moriah (who also penned I am Autistic) gives a non-preachy but highly informative view of the condition that is ADHD. Using colours, highly stylised formatting, areas for reflection and development, they are able to articulate in clear and concise language what we can do to assist these young people now, before the issues become a problem. It’s about little practices rather than one big intervention.

Many years of experience and understanding of themself (as someone who suffers from ADHD) and working with others who have learned strategies and helpful tips and tricks along the way, Moriah is able to articulate and explain many of the potential pitfalls of working with ADHD. In addition, they recognise that many of those with diagnosed ADHD can have other learning difficulties, and so explores some of those aspects also.

The learnings from this book are not only relevant to those students in our classes and lives who have ADHD, but to all students. What is good for one really is good for all. Simple and logical approaches like clarity, taking time, being cognisant and consistent really connect not only with those students who struggle, but for all those that we come into contact with.

A fantastic resource that is sure to assist with teaching and learning if implemented with authenticity and compassion.
Author & Illustrator: Chanelle Moriah
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
ISBN: 9781991006325
Format: Hardback
Publication: May 2023
Ages: 13+