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Reviewed by Nadine Molloy, Library Assistant, Remarkables Primary School, Queenstown.
Opening sentence
Two dogs, dachshunds. Dignified, slightly imperious, with aquiline noses and noble profiles.
The images throughout the book have some great facial expressions, reflecting the storyline very well.  I especially liked the image when they realise that they are going to be in huge trouble with their owner.  The artwork is so distinctive that you will either love it or hate it.

The storyline is simple, and the humour surrounding the dogs' shenanigans will appeal to readers.  Students may relate to the personality of one dog or the other.  Are they like Augie – cautious, reserved and obedient or Perry – fun-loving, fearless and a risk-taker?  Will the reader be impressed that the dogs fooled their owner, or will they believe the dogs should have been punished for their naughtiness?  Whichever line they take, children are likely to be happy with the ending where the dogs are snuggled up together and friends again after their shared antics; much like human siblings.
Author & Illustrator: Illustrator: Ian Falconer
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 9780008399863
Format: Hardback
Publication: June 2022
Ages: 5+
Themes: Siblings, friendship.