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Reviewed by Molly, Assistant Librarian, Kaipara Libraries Dargaville
Opening sentence
One day I woke up to find a big knot. The more I ignored it the bigger it got…and got…and GOT.
Surprisingly, this was the first 'Mophead' book I've read, and boy, have I been missing out. This book is a unique kind of special that everyone should read if given the chance.

Author and illustrator Selina Tusitala Marsh creatively addresses a diverse range of problems, or knots as referred to in the book, sent in by her readers to provide helpful tools and positive thinking to encourage self-help practices. Seeing the real questions makes each scenario more personal and helps the reader feel less alone with their knots. Activities paired with each knot will get the reader thinking and processing their situation. They are supported by brilliant illustrations that reflect how your mind can feel and normalise the messiness of it all!

If the cover doesn't immediately draw you in, it won't take long for the pages to. At first glance, it may seem like this book is for children, but I firmly feel people of any age can positively benefit from it. I thoroughly enjoyed its content, illustrations, layout and maximalist simplicity and will undoubtedly be preaching about this book for a while to come.

I encourage all libraries and schools to have this guide available to patrons, students, teachers and parents!
Publisher: Auckland University Press
ISBN: 9781869409548
Format: Paperback
Publication: Nov 2023
Ages: 7+
Themes: Self-help