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Arnold, Heather
Writer's File

Heather Arnold

Northland - Te Tai Tokerau
Arnold, Heather
In brief
Heather Arnold is an author, designer, and illustrator. She produced Draw New Zealand Birds (Dragonsauce Books) which won the 2008 Storylines Notable Book Award for non-fiction and the LIANZA Elsie Locke Award for children’s non-fiction. Heather does freelance graphic/web design and book design.
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Arnold, Heather (1961 - ) is an author, designer and illustrator. She was born on the North Shore, Auckland, and gained a Diploma in Graphic Design from Auckland Technical Institute in 1985 and a Diploma in Digital Media from Media Design School, Auckland in 2007. She currently works as a freelance web designer, graphic designer and illustrator.

She is the author, designer and illustrator of Draw New Zealand Birds, first published by Reed Publishing in 2007. It has since been reprinted under the Puffin imprint, published by Penguin (NZ), and is now published by Dragonsauce Books. In 2008, the book won a Storylines Notable Book Award for non-fiction and also the LIANZA Elsie Locke award for children’s non-fiction.

Arnold designed and illustrated Rangitoto (Dragonsauce Books / Long White Cloud Books) written by Maria Gill. Trevor Agnew, in Magpies, wrote, ‘This book is so good that I want to stand in the street waving copies and shouting, “Buy it!” After a lifetime in schools and libraries, I know a good non-fiction book when I see it. Rangitoto is not just good; it’s excellent… It is amazing how much is packed into 32 pages. This is non-fiction writing and presentation at its best.’ Rangitoto was a finalist in the 2010 New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young adults in the Non-Fiction category.

Arnold was short-listed for the 2010 Storylines Gavin Bishop Award.

She designed and illustrated The Call of the Kokako (New Holland, 2011), also written by Maria Gill. The Call of the Kokako was a finalist in the 2012 LIANZA Elsie Locke Award for children’s non-fiction and the Russell Clarke award for illustration.