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Emms, Sue
Writer's File

Sue Emms

Bay of Plenty - Te Moana-a-Toi
Emms, Sue
In brief
Sue Emms is a poet, fiction writer, and editor. Her poetry has been published in range of journals, and she has won and been shortlisted for a number of short story competitions. Her first novel, Parrot Parfait, was published in 2003, and Iain Sharp wrote, "Emms makes her debut with one of the year's most unusual love stories. She's a real discovery; deftly blending wry comedy with touching explorations of family dynamics.." Emms is also the fiction editor of Bravado.


Emms, Sue (1954- ) writes fiction and poetry.

Sue Emms was born in London, and lived in Wales and Aden before settling in New Zealand. Emms has worked in a variety of jobs, including what she calls a ‘miserable year’ running her own dairy. She has been writing professionally since 1998.

Emms stories and poems have appeared in Takahe, Dreamcatcher (England), Peninsular (England), Bravado and Poetry NZ. Her short stories have been broadcast on Radio New Zealand. In 2003 she won the Takahe short story competition.

Writing about Emms’ first novel Parrot Parfait (Hazard, 2003), in the Sunday Star-Times, Iain Sharp says, ‘Suffice to say, Emms makes her debut with one of the year’s most unusual love stories. She’s a real discovery; deftly blending wry comedy with touching explorations of family dynamics. Parrot Parfait deserves a wide readership.’ Margie Thomson in the NZ Herald writes, ‘Emms is a keen observer of people and their emotional highways and byways and has a sure touch with comedy, as well as with the more serious side of life.’

Sue Emms has self-published Focus on Fiction, a brochure that chronicles her experience as a short-story competition judge. She is currently the fiction editor of Bravado.

Sue Emms' short story 'Only Waving' was placed third in the Sunday Star-Times Short Story Competition 2004.

Her second book, Come Yesterday, was published by Hazard Press in 2005. She has also contributed 'The Weakness of Women' to The Best of New Zealand Fiction. Volume Three (Vintage, 2006).

Sue Emms lives in Tauranga.


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