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Reviewed by Leanne Nathan, Associate Principal, Clendon Park School, Auckland
Opening sentence
When Daisy McCray wandered down to the bay, she carried her surfboard, expecting a wave.
Daisy McCray heads to the beach for a day of surfing but when she finds the wind blowing the wrong way she settles down on her mat and begins to scroll on her phone. She becomes so distracted by her phone that she misses out on all of the excitement of the day. While taking a selfie she inadvertently captures a photo of the adventure happening behind her.

This story is a great way to show just how caught up we have all become with social media and how we could be missing out on the things going on around us. This could be used as a writing prompt, with your main character sitting unaware in the middle of some adventure or simply as a challenge to sit at an event and pay attention to the things happening around you.
Author & Illustrator: Nicole Miller, Lily Uivel
Publisher: Little Love
ISBN: 9781738596911
Format: Paperback
Publication: September 2023
Ages: 2 - 8 years
Themes: Surfing, social media