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Reviewed by Elaine Wills, Library Manager, Enner Glynn School, Nelson
Opening sentence
I can’t live in a bottle or a shoe or a cap. Only a shell will do – no doubt about that!
From the first glimpse of the cover this book looks inviting. Harry the hermit crab needs to find a new home, but pollution of his environment means there is a lot of rubble and none of it is suitable. How will Harry find a new shell?

There is so much to love about this book, the text cleverly teaches a lot about crabs and about their environment. It is full of enriched vocabulary, with verbs like strewn, scuttled and scampered and it has a delightful rhyming pattern. Some interesting or important words are enlarged and capitalised adding character to the text. The illustrations are equally appealing with Harry the standout star on every page. This is a fun story that tells an unfortunate truth of pollution on our beaches which is saved in the end by kind-hearted conservation conscious people.

There are facts about Hermit crabs included at the end of the story rounding out a thoroughly charming but also educational story.
Author & Illustrator: Danni Rae, Evan Heasman
Publisher: Mary Egan Publishing
ISBN: 9781738596904
Format: Paperback
Publication: November 2023
Ages: 4 - 8 years