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Reviewed by Ange Birks, Classroom Teacher, Ohinewai School, North Waikato
Opening sentence
Today is my first day at school.
'The Great Kiwi School Day' is a fun and exciting introduction to what happens in your average New Zealand school. It familiarises children and parents with what a New Entrants class looks like, from the moment Grandpa and the main character arrive at school until the end of the day when Grandpa picks him up again.

There’s a hook with his name on it for his bag. The bell rings and the day starts with the roll, a waiata and moves through the different curriculum areas including reading, writing and maths. The learn poi, eat lunch and have a play.

Speech bubbles show the dialogue between the kaiako and aakonga as well as the conversations the children have between themselves. The teacher is shown as friendly, supportive and encouraging.

The back cover shows what 'The Great Kiwi School Day' is all about – building confidence, being curious, doing your best, kindness, responsibility, team work and respect. Each quality is explained by a picture of different characters in the book and a speech bubble.

This is a fantastic book to show those who are new to the education system in Aotearoa New Zealand what they can expect when they start school as a New Entrant.
Author & Illustrator: Donovan Bixley (Illustrator)
Publisher: Upstart Press
ISBN: 9781776940295
Format: paperback
Publication: September 2023
Ages: 4- 6 years
Themes: school