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Cross, Gary


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Gary Cross is a junior fiction writer who writes primarily in the horror genre. His publications include Borderland (Reed, 2005); The Dead at Deepminden (Reed, 2006); Plague of the Undead (Penguin, 2009); and his June 2010 release, Empire of the Dead (Penguin). The breadth of his appeal is evoked in a review in Tearaway of Plague of the Undead, ‘[It’s] a great book for horror, vampire, history and fantasy buffs alike.’ Gary Cross participates in the Writers in Schoolsprogramme.


Cross, Gary ( – ) is a junior fiction writer and his books generally have a horror focus. He has worked in advertising sales, and as a freelance copywriter, and has operated his own advertising business. He is currently a creative director.

His first four books are Paul Bunyan (Sunshine, 1992); The Adventures of Stormalong (Sunshine, 1992); Borderland (Reed, 2005); and The Dead at Deepminden (Reed, 2006).

The Dead at Deepminden was reviewed by Year 8 Carterton School student Jamie Rafferty in the Wairarapa Times-Age. He wrote, ‘An exciting fantasy adventure book for 12+ readers.’ F Mulligan also commented on the book in Southland Times, ‘A good story, the rugged content, however, may make it suitable for more mature teens or at least those who don’t require a night-light.’

Cross went on to publish Facing Jessie James (Pearson Education, 2009); Walking into the Fire (Pearson Education, 2009); Plague of the Undead (Penguin, 2009); and Super Sister (Pearson Education, 2009). Empire of the Dead (Penguin) was published in 2010.

Kerri Jackson reviewed Plague of the Undead, ‘For vampire fiction with more, ahem, bite, try New Zealander Gary Cross’ Plague of the Undead… Cross’ vampires are ruthless predators and his story is bloody and unrelenting, – and better for it.’ Jordan Harrington wrote in Tearaway, ‘[Plague of the Undead is] a great book for horror, vampire, history and fantasy buffs alike.’


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