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Baynton, Martin
Writer's File

Martin Baynton

Wellington - Te Whanganui-a-Tara
Baynton, Martin
In brief
Martin Baynton is a children’s book author and illustrator. He has also written fiction for adults, and a selection of his short stories have been anthologised. He is well known for his children’s book Jane and the Dragon (1988), which has since been adapted for television and produced by Weta Workshop. His books have been widely published in New Zealand and Australia, and he has illustrated books written by authors such as Russell Hoban and Kenneth Grahame.


Baynton, Martin is a writer and illustrator increasingly writing for adults in addition to his well-known work for children.

Born and educated in England, Baynton came to New Zealand in 1987.

Picture books written and illustrated by Baynton are: Fifty Saves His Friend (1985); Fifty and the Fox (1986); Fifty and the Great Race (1986); Fifty Gets the Picture (1986); Fifty's Christmas (1987); Jane and the Dragon (1988); The Dragon's Purpose (1989); Why Do You Love Me? (1990); Baby Floats (1991); Under the Hill (1996); Jane and the Magician (2000).

Books by other authors illustrated by Martin Baynton are: Little Red Riding Hood (1982); Goldilocks and the Three Bears (1982); Hansel and Gretel (1982); The Three Little Pigs (1982); Big John Turkle (1983); Jim Frog (1983); Charlie Meadows (1984); Lavinia Bat (1984); Mousewing (1987); Ponders (1988); Daniel's Dinosaurs (1991); Wind in the Willows (1993). Anthologies illustrated by Baynton are: The Children's Book (1985); Three Cheers (1987); Tail Feathers from Mother Goose (1988); The Walker Bear (1990).

Baynton's short stories for adults have appeared in anthologies including The Body in the Driveway (1995); Falling in Love (1995); The First Time (1996); Personal Best (1996).

Baynton's book Jane and the Dragon (1988) has been adapted for television and produced by Weta Workshop. Baynton has also worked with Weta Workshops to produce a show for young children called The Wot Wots.

His most recent release is Welcome to the Wonderful World of the Wot Wots, published by HarperCollins in 2009. The colourful scrapbook tells the delightful adventures of two soft, puppet-like aliens who come to explore planet Earth in their steam-powered spaceship and land in a local zoo.