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Mason, Paul
Writer's File

Paul Mason

Auckland - Tāmaki Makaurau
Mason, Paul

Via Paul Mason's website:

I’m a writer.

I write all the time. I write stories, I write poems, I write articles, I write on whiteboards, and on the back of my hand. I write blogs and emails, and very slow txts. I write for children learning English, and those who speak it very well. And I write books.

Fun books, like Skate Monkey: Fear Mountain, Skate Monkey: The Cursed Village, The Twins, The Ghost and The Castle, The Twins and the Wild Ghost Chase, and the Factor Four series. Factor Four: The Awakening and Factor Four: Tiger Tiger.

I live in a cottage on an island, with a lovely wife, an impish boy, a mysterious girl, Kipling the cat and a Flemish Giant called Rex.

Sometimes I let them win at Monopoly.

Mason, Paul
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