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Reviewed by Shelley Sutherland, St Bernadette's School, Waitaha-Canterbury
Opening sentence
'Ofa loves to share...with everyone, every day! Oku manako ma'u pe 'a 'Ofa ke vahevahe 'ene me'a kotoa pe...
Dahlia Malaeulu, the esteemed author and publisher behind Mila's Books, introduces young readers to the vibrant world of Pasifika culture with 'Ofa Shares.' This award-winning picture book is a delightful journey into language, culture, and the joy of sharing.

The main character, 'Ofa, captivates readers by teaching the days of the week in Tongan while imparting the invaluable lesson of sharing. The book cleverly weaves two engaging stories into one narrative. 'Ofa Shares' not only offers an exploration of language but also provides scaffolded language supports, making it an accessible and educational experience for young minds.

Incorporating the Tongan translation, 'Ko e loto fevahevahe'aki 'a 'Ofa,' the book enhances cultural understanding and confidence. Stemming from the acclaimed Mila's My Gagana Series, 'Ofa Shares' is part of the Mila's My Pasifika Series, designed to immerse readers in culturally rich stories that facilitate safe language learning.

Dahlia Malaeulu's masterful storytelling and the vibrant illustrations create a harmonious blend, making 'Ofa Shares a must-read for children and educators alike. It not only celebrates linguistic diversity but also fosters an appreciation for cultural nuances, ensuring that tamaiti (children) feel seen, heard, and valued in the colorful tapestry of Pasifika heritage.
Author & Illustrator: Dahlia Malaeulu, Illustrator: Darcy Solia, Translator: Mele Tonga-Grant
Publisher: Mila's Books
ISBN: 9781738606139
Format: Paperback
Publication: 2023
Ages: 5-8
Themes: Family, sharing, compassion, time, days of the week