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Reviewed by Angela Thompson, Library Lead Teacher, Remarkables Primary School
Opening sentence
Max lived next door to a big, empty house.
Max wants is a friend who is just like him. So he's excited a family move in next door. But when Jun sneezes, he says 'HAKUSHON!' - a very different sound to the 'AH CHOO!' that Max makes. So, Max picks up a feather and makes his way through the playground, looking for a friend who sounds just like him when they sneeze. In the end Max decides that sneezes must be like people - different, but the same.

This book has a lovely concept; that we are the same but different, and I wanted to like this book. However, the illustrations are really not to my taste and the text is written in a very dark font. The presentation of the book did not entice me to read it.

I'm not sure that if post-COVID, making people sneeze to find out more about them is really a suitable story for young children, although the characters did cover their noses with their elbow when they sneezed.

The illustrations and text are very simple and the story lacks depth and an exciting ending.
Author & Illustrator: Author: Angela Walker Illustrator: Ross Hamilton
Publisher: Bateman Books
ISBN: 9781776890699
Format: Paperback
Publication: June 2023
Ages: 3-6 years
Themes: Friendship