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Reviewed by Carola Crawford, English teacher, Karanga Mai Young Parents’ College
Opening sentence
Now Pig. We’ve practised this.
I love the dramatic expressive quality of this book!

I applaud the refusal of the pig to be conventional and behave like a stereotypical pig. Not only does the pig self-express with great enthusiasm, but they encourage the rest of the animals to break free and join in a glorious dance until “they’re bursting with the razzle”.

The cover is wonderfully pink and sparkly and the whole experience of reading this book can only leave you feeling upbeat and energised.

The illustrations are cleverly created with a mix of splendid colour explosions, more staid scientific-type drawings and even a black and white photograph.

This is a book to be enjoyed by all who engage with it. 

Read NZ Te Pou Muramura note: The reviewer recommended this book VERY HIGHLY, not just highly!
Author & Illustrator: Sacha Cotter, Illustrator: Josh Morgan
Publisher: Huia Books
ISBN: 9781775507185
Format: Paperback
Publication: Jul 2023
Ages: 3+