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Reviewed by Gina Speedy, School Counsellor, Kuranui College, Wairarapa
Opening sentence
Are you ready to guess how Marion feels?
'Guess How Marion Feels' educates young readers about emotions in a fun and engaging way with accompanying bright and colourful imagery. This delightful story focuses on Marion’s big feelings during his first day in school. The central theme of noticing emotions in the body is a great Social Emotional Learning (SEL) opportunity for readers under eight years-of-age.

The reader is encouraged to play detective and guess what Marion is feeling using his body language and actions as clues. With this story, parents, teachers and other adults can enhance the emotional intelligence of children by helping them better understand and read emotions.

This book is especially helpful to neurodivergent children as it clearly names and explains emotions by exploring what is felt on the inside and what it may look like on the outside. The author, known as Miss Kaye, is neurodivergent herself. She set out to create a story that helps children to better understand the feelings of themselves and others.

A wonderful addition is a QR Code on the last page. This links adults to a free activity kit sent to their email to continue the learning and fun.
Author & Illustrator: Karen Tolentino, Miss Waitthk
Publisher: Maya Nurtures Publishing
ISBN: 9781738593033
Format: Paperback
Publication: 2023
Ages: 3-8
Themes: Feelings, emotional intelligence