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Reviewed by Leanne Nathan, Associate Principal, Clendon Park School
Opening sentence
"It's just not fair," Snake hissed.
This bright and colorful book has the children hooked from the beginning. Snake is quietly watching the other animals practicing music in their band. He is upset because he isn't able to play any of the instruments so he can't join the band. As time passes he simply can't help himself and decides to do something shocking.

I think that all children will be able to relate to Snake and his feelings. At some point everyone has felt envious or left out, frustrated at not being able to do something or be part of a group. While reading this text the class could discuss what Snake could have done. By taking themselves out of the situation they would be able to practice asking to join in and making better choices when feeling this way.
Author & Illustrator: Deborah Hinde
Publisher: Picture Book Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-47366-9386
Format: Paperback
Publication: May 2023
Ages: 0-12
Themes: Jealousy, friendship, problem solving