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Reviewed by Leanne Nathan, Associate Principal, Clendon Park School, Manurewa
Opening sentence
The wild mokopuna loved their Nanny Jo.
This touching story is about a whanau dealing with the illness and passing of their nanny.

This text shares with us another aspect of Matariki. It explains how Taramainuku sails Te Waka o Rangi across the sky to gather the spirits of all those who have passed over the previous year. Then when the stars of Matariki reappear they guide Te Waka o Rangi back into the sky so that the spirits can be released to continue their journey.

I will be sharing this book every Matariki as we celebrate the New Year and farewell the spirits.
Author & Illustrator: Moira Wairama, illustrator: Margaret Tolland
Publisher: Baggage Books
ISBN: 9780473671792
Format: Paperback
Publication: Aug 2023
Ages: All
Themes: Illness, death, Matariki, Taramainuku