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Reviewed by Nova Gibson, Librarian, Massey Primary School, Auckland
Opening sentence
Tevita had to clean up his messy room!
Tevita’s room is a mess, as is clearly shown in the first illustration and on the front cover. Tevita then proceeds to tidy up, without any apparent adult prompting, beginning with ptting ‘taha’ pillow back on his bed. The book progresses, counting in Tongan through to ten, ‘hongofulu’, with Tevita tidying a specific number of articles, e.g. ‘valu’ marbles put back in the jar. The illustrations are bright and colourful with the specific items easily seen. Young children will enjoy counting the objects to be tidied on each page.

Flip the book over and you can read the Tongan translation.

The middle of the book contains a helpful glossary of Tongan numbers to ten and a pronunciation guide. Other books in Mila’s Pasifika Series are shown.

This book would be useful in real life situations, encouraging children to tidy up by breaking it down into manageable and countable tasks.

I would recommend this book for any early childhood centre or junior classroom.
Author & Illustrator: Dahlia Malaeulu, Illustrator: Darcy Solia, Translator: Mele Tonga-Grant
Publisher: Mila's Books
ISBN: 9781738606122
Format: Paperback
Publication: Nov 2023
Ages: 2 - 6 years
Themes: Counting