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Reviewed by Leanne Nathan, Associate Principal, Clendon Park School, Auckland
Opening sentence
Tilly the kitten was having a scratch, under a tree in the vegetable patch.
Carolyn Watts has previously illustrated three other books, but this is the first one that she has written, illustrated and published herself. It tells the story of a mishap of her own kitten.

The poetic writing allows the reader to enjoy the rhythm and flow of the text.

The text is written in Te Reo and English making it enjoyable on two levels. Having the dual languages on the same page would lend itself nicely to compare the language structures for those learning Te Reo at a higher level.

Do you have any advisory warnings for this book? No

Would this book work as a read aloud? Yes

Is there a particular part of the country that it’s set in? No
Author & Illustrator: Carolyn Watts
Publisher: Gallery61
ISBN: 9780473604769
Format: paperback
Publication: May 2022
Ages: 3-10
Themes: Friendship, diversity