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Reviewed by Nadine Molloy, Library Assistant, Remarkables Primary School
Opening sentence
Roller coasters! I have been aquiver with anticipation ever since I first heard about them...Ten minutes ago!
As I read the early alliterative phrase "aquiver with anticipation" I was instantly drawn to this story. Aquiver is not a frequently used word, but portrays the pigeon perfectly in this instance. The pigeon is going to take a roller coaster ride for the first time.

Before this new experience, Pigeon prepares mentally by thinking about all the problems this could entail; but realises these are minor and there are easy solutions for each of them. Pigeon is both eager and apprehensive beforehand and anticipates feeling excited, sad, proud and dizzy afterwards. All these are real emotions that littlies can relate to when trying something new.

The imagined experience takes up five pages of drawings in the book (including a page that folds out and therefore provides more impact) showing steep loop-de-loops and an exciting ride. The actual ride is a lot more 'tame' than Pigeon expected with no loop-de-loops and a mainly flat route, so is probably a bit of a let-down. However, this does not prevent Pigeon from wanting a second turn.

The ungendered pigeon enables all youngsters to see themselves in a similar situation, where they are about to try something new and conquer aspects they may consider as challenges. The clear, colourful illustrations and brief yet expressive text will appeal to adults and children alike. I am certain this book will become a firm favourite for many.
Author & Illustrator: Mo Willems
Publisher: Walker Books
ISBN: 9781760657215
Format: Paperback
Publication: Feb, 2023
Ages: 3-6
Themes: Preparing for a new experience